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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Energy Storage

We offer specialised battery solutions for critical power applications. Primary markets include Telecoms, Data Centres, Solar and UPS solution providers. We supply Sealed Lead Acid, Lithium and Nicad batteries as well as a full range of DC Switch-mode Rectifiers ranging from 7amps to 3000 amps.

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Alternative Energy

Bio Energy

Through our partnerships we offer work with the leaders in the design, manufacture, and installation of advanced thermal treatment facilities. We offer and produce the highest quality fuels and green energy from waste materials and surface carbon feedstocks. In recent years there has been a shift by leading energy companies to the supply of Gasification, Pyrolysis, Syngas Processing and Direct Coal Liquefaction technologies to convert biomass to renewable products such as fuels, alcohols and biochemicals.

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Alternative Energy

Solar Hot Water

Our Hot Water Solar Series includes roof mounted, closed circuit solar water heaters specifically designed for use in frost or poor water chemistry areas.

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Alternative Energy

PV Solar Solution

When it comes to solar installations there are three types of solar systems available to choose from, grid interactive systems, grid tie systems and island systems. Your choice will determine the system we set up for you.

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New Furnances

Talfurnco is a supplier and manufacturer of furnaces,foundry furniture and ancilliary equipment.

Furnace rebuilds

We offer total furnace re-bricking for all types of furnaces. All repairs are either done on or off site depending on the work to be done.

Furnace ancillary equipment

Talfurnco offers a wide range of Furnace ancillary equipment. Talfurnco’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) Heating Elements are the answer to the most challenging, high heat furnace applications as they offer excellent durability to chemical attacks and oxidation, ensuring energy efficiency and longer operations life.