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PV Solar Solution

When it comes to solar installations there are three types of solar systems available to choose from, grid interactive systems, grid tie systems and island systems. Your choice will determine the system we set up for you.

Grid interactive systems: The system comprises of a battery and solar system connected to an inverter (bi-directional). This gives continuity of power even in times of power outages, and will send excess power generated by the solar panels to either the grid, batteries, or load.

Grid tie systems: The system comprises of solar panels and an inverter only (no batteries and no back-up power). The system is connected to an existing utility and supplies power to the connected load reducing the electrical usage.

Island systems: The system is installed where there is no electricity supply and the total power consumed is generated by alternative means. All island systems will have batteries to store power for 24 hours use.

The PV solutions provided  includes:

  • Load profiling
  • Installation
  • Recommendations for
  • PV solutions
  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Batteries

How can we help you find a solution for your plant and operations?

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