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live line work supplier

High and Medium Voltage Products

We offer a wide selection of overhead-line products and solutions as well as live-work equipment for the utility and rail industries. Our products are Eskom approved and used by specialist contractors across the sector. Talk to our team of electricians and engineers and we will help you find the best solution for your project.

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Low Voltage Products and Services

We offer Lightning and Surge Protection Services and Devices to all sectors including the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Our services go from engineering and cost optimised designs all the way to systems installations.

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More Products and Services

New Furnances

Talfurnco is a supplier and manufacturer of furnaces,foundry furniture and ancilliary equipment.

Furnace rebuilds

We offer total furnace re-bricking for all types of furnaces. All repairs are either done on or off site depending on the work to be done.

Furnace ancillary equipment

Talfurnco offers a wide range of Furnace ancillary equipment. Talfurnco’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) Heating Elements are the answer to the most challenging, high heat furnace applications as they offer excellent durability to chemical attacks and oxidation, ensuring energy efficiency and longer operations life.