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High and Medium Voltage Products

live line work supplier
We offer a wide selection of overhead-line products and solutions as well as live-work equipment for the utility and rail industries. Our products are Eskom approved and used by specialist contractors across the sector. Talk to our team of electricians and engineers and we will help you find the best solution for your project.

Overhead-Line Products

  • Line Post Insulators
  • Station Post Insulators
  • Long Rod Insulators
  • Station Class Surge Arresters
  • Distribution Class Surge Arresters
  • Cut out fuses

Live work Tools & Accessories

  • Rubber Insulating gloves
  • Rubber Insulating Sleeves
  • Straps, Harness & Buttons
  • Rubber Line Hoses
  • Rubber Insulating Blankets
  • Hot line tools

Low and Medium-voltage Heat Shrink Products

  • GXO/E Series Heat Shrink Terminations up to 36kV Three Core
  • GXSS Series Heat Shrink Through Joints up to 36kV Single Core
  • GXS Series Heat Shrink Through Joints up to 36kV Three Core
  • Screened Separable Connectors up to 24kV
  • Screened tails
  • Mechanical connectors


We offer an extensive range of distribution and transmission insulators for overhead line and substation applications. Our range of composite and porcelain insulators have been tested and approved by Eskom for use on their overhead line distribution network.

Cut out fuses

We offers a range of polymer and porcelain cut outs for overhead line applications. Our range goes up to 36kV. The cut outs, fuse tubes and solid links we supply meet Eskom’s technical and electrical specifications.

Energy-Cut-Outs supplier

Cable Accessories
We provide a comprehensive range of cables, equipment and accessories for low, medium and high voltage applications. Our strength lies in our ability to accommodate different designs and specifications to give our clients exactly what they need.

Surge Arresters
We offer an extensive range of distribution class and station class surge arresters for overhead lines, underground cables and substation applications. The silicone rubber housed, gapless, MOV designs ensures superb overvoltage protection in any environment.

We supply a range of epoxy, porcelain and polymer bushings for the OEM market. Our range consist of 22kV epoxy air-to-air and air-to-oil bushings, oil-filled porcelain bushings up to 33kV and dry type RIF polymer bushings up to 252kV.

Live Line
We supply a wide variety of transmission, distribution and live line products to various utilities and contractors across South Africa and beyond. Our range meets and exceeds ANSI standards.

Rail Products
We supply a range of overhead line products and solutions for the rail industry. These include rail connectors which have been installed throughout Transnet’s overhead rail system.

How can we help you find a solution for your plant and operations?

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