New, rebuilds and ancilliary equipment


Our products are designed for extremely high temperatures in reducing (carburizing and nitriding), neutral and oxidizing atmospheres, contributing to maximised heat flux and reduction of process time. Our highly qualified team also offer design services, accessories and technical support.

Talfurnco supply products for many types of heat treatment processes for steel, aluminium and other metallic materials. Our products are widely used in, for example:

  • Annealing furnaces
  • Carburizing furnaces
  • Galvanizing furnaces
  • Hardening furnaces
  • Sintering furnaces
Turnkey solutions for High, Medium and Low Voltage Power

Energy Solutions

High & Medium Voltage Products

We offer a wide selection of overhead-line products and solutions as well as live-work equipment for the utility and rail industries. Our products are Eskom approved and used by specialist contractors across the sector.

Low Voltage Products

We offer Lightning and Surge Protection Services and Devices to all sectors including the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Our services go from engineering and cost optimised designs to systems installations.

Through our partnership with the leaders in the design, manufacture, and installation of advanced alternative energy facilities we offer specialised battery solutions for critical power applications, Bio Energy solutions, Solar Hot Water and PV Solar Solutions.

DC-Power-Solutions -

Our partnership offers a wealth of experience that comes with the holistic integration of energy solutions and fuels for power. We help clients find an optimum process configuration for a more cost effective energy solution.

Cost effective energy solutions

Alternative Energy

World class solutions for the local and regional market


Our offering is backup up by a highly qualified team who work with companies from the consultation stage through to implementation and support.

Talfurnco offer high-end fibre solutions aimed at developing or improving existing telecommunications infrastructure. We have partnered with the country’s leading provider of telecommunication products and services. Our offering includes:

  • Access Chambers and Handholes
  • Overhead Line Hardware
  • Ducts
  • Fibre Cables
  • Patch Panels
  • Termination Boxes