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Solar Hot Water

Our Hot Water Solar Series includes roof mounted, closed circuit solar water heaters specifically designed for use in frost or poor water chemistry areas.

The product range features:

Multi-flow collectors that provide maximum solar absorption, based on series installed e.g. with a black polyester powder coating or Mirotherm. Hartgard fluid in the collector which rises into the heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the water inside of the tank. A ceramic-lined tank, including an anode for additional protection against corrosion.

The Commercial Solar Water Heating range includes:

  • Solar collectors: High efficiency copper absorber with a sputtered selective surface, maximising heat absorption and minimising heat loss with a glass wool insulation.
  • Central heat store: Available in multiple sizes that can be interconnected to meet large demands, optimise available plant room space, and provide redundancy.
  • Solar pump skid: Controls all the solar functions, including the 3-way valves and booster, and regulates the speed of the solar pump to optimise the flow rate through the solar collectors.
  • Drain-back system: The heat transfer fluid drains back into the heat store when there is insufficient solar gain or when the maximum set service temperature has been reached.
  • Heat exchange delivery skid: The control system varies the rate of energy transfer from the central heat store to precisely regulate the hot water outlet temperature to the building.

Booster options: Booster options exist to ensure constant hot water supply at times of low solar radiation or high hot water demand.

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