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In the telecommunications space we offer a range of products and services for mobile operators, network builds, internet service providers and contractors. We have partnered with leading manufacturers from across the globe to offer world class solutions to the local and regional market.

Access Chambers and Handholes
Various access chambers and handholes are available for the network build. For Long-haul, Metro and Access size ranges from 1000mm and 600mm. Access and FTTH size ranges from 600mm 400- extension, 400mm and 300mm handholes.

Overhead Line Hardware
High quality OHL hardware is available for both ADSS and OPGW applications. Hardware is suitable for wooden, steel or concrete poles. We supply both bolted and strap solutions on fittings.


Averge offer a comprehensive range of closures for fibre distribution. We supply large closures for high fibre counts and small compact closures for handhole applications.

We offers a full range of HDPE duct products. These include micro ducts, corrugated sleeves, sub ducts and more.

Fibre Cables
Our partners have partnered with world leading cable manufacturers. We offer well known quality brands such as Corning and Birla (Furukawa).

Patch Panels
We offer a full range of patchpanels including pivot and sliding panels. For smaller fibre count the compact panel can be used. The High-Density panel can be used for higher fibre count.

Termination Boxes
We supply a wide range of termination boxes with various splice and drop capacities.

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